Frequently Asked Questions.

Below you’ll find answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact us at 559-352-4456 or through our Contact page.

Who is JCS Marketing?

What is the deadline for the next issue?

The deadline for ads is the 10th of the preceding month of the issue you wish to advertise in.

Is there space in the issue?

Contact our office at 559-352-4456 for information.

Can I use an existing ad?

Yes, however…please make sure it aligns with our guidelines on our Design Specifications page.

Do you develop ads?

Yes, we do provide that service. Please reach out to us at 559-352-4456 for more information.

Can I place my ad in a specific article?

If there is an article you prefer to be placed in, we will work with you and do our best to place your ad near the requested article. Please contact us for more information at 559-352-4456.

What are the dimensions for the ad?

We have a number of different ad sizes. For detailed information see our guidelines on our Design Specifications page.

What type of format-pdf, jpeg, hi-lo?

Please see the guidelines on our Design Specifications page.

When will the printed issue be put out

Our print publications scheduled to ship out at the beginning of the month. Delays may be caused by mailing

How many growers do you reach? Who received your publications?

These numbers are available on the individual brand pages.

What digital services can you offer? What are your rates and stats?

We offer a number of digital services across websites, podcasts, radio, video, and more. Contact us for more information at 559-352-4456

Do you offer website partnerships?

We offer a number of ad spaces available on all of our websites. Please see our Brands for individual specifications and rates.

Do you offer any video options?

We have different video advertising opportunities, including the MyAgLife Video Sponsorship. Visit the MyAgLife Brand, or call our office at 559-352-4456 for more information.

Do you work with any industry associations?

We've had many projects and partnerships with associations like Almond Board of California, California Walnuts, Western Region CCA, UCCE Cooperative Extension, WAPA, Citrus Mutual, and more.

Do you host trade shows?

We have several trade shows across California every year, including the popular California Walnut Conference and Crop Consultant Conference. In addition to in-person conferences, we also host a number of digital events.