FACES is a brand-new publication from JCS Marketing, Inc. highlighting the leaders of the ag industry.

For too long, our industry has been planting, nurturing, growing, processing, and overall feeding the world without recognizing the people that make it all happen. In this magazine, readers will find “FACES” of many key players in the ag industry, each with their own stories and specialties. We want to tell your story and introduce you to our readers so they can explore the businesses and people that make agriculture and our communities great!

FACES is your way of featuring the individuals that are in your operation, company and business. Now you can show your “FACES“, tell your stories and become the first to be showcased.

Recurring Editorial Themes

Pest Management

Please Note: All themes and editorial content are subject to change depending on news and market demands.

Nut Growers: 12,244
Almond Growers: 7,330
Walnut Growers: 4,612
Pistachio Growers: 1,019
Other Tree Nut Commodities: 738
PCAs: 1,951
CCAs: 721
Huller/Processor (Handlers): 676
Other Industry Professionals: 1,275
E-Newsletter: 8,436


* Ag Professionals may occupy more than one of the above categories and address may receive multiple copies


Space in FACES publication is very limited, only ONE company per category, available on a first-come, first-served basis only – this is truly a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be the FIRST and we strongly believe that you want to be included!

$4000 / Page

$7000 / Spread

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