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The Leading Magazine for California Ag Professionals

As the demand for efficient agriculture practices continues to become more important in our industry, the need for key resources and solutions is critical. Progressive Crop Consultant was designed to help today’s crop consultant become more aware of information that will help move California specialty crops forward. Additionally, our annual Crop Consultant Conference serves to provide education and networking opportunities for PCAs, CCAs, and Ag Retailers from across California.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality publications that promote note-worthy editorial with information on best practices, new research, essential tools, and exciting innovations for the top specialty crops in California. Progressive Crop Consultant reaches the crop consultants that help growers make key decisions every day.

Progressive Crop Consultant magazine is designed to reach a broad segment of agriculture professionals from numerous markets, including:
Ag Retailers
Farm Advisors

Recurring Editorial Themes

-Integrated Pest Management
-Specialty Crop Articles
-Orchard/Vineyard Management
-Disease Management
-Cotton Review: Yearly Special Section for Cotton

Vineyard Review: Special Section Devoted to Grapes Published Three Times a Year

Please Note: All themes and editorial content are subject to change depending on news and market demands.

Agronomists: 107
Applicators: 244
CCAs: 1,210
Farm Advisors: 115
PCAs: 4,062
Other Professionals: 3,767
Grape Growers: 3,619*(Special Circulation 3x/year)
eNewsletter: 3,152

* Ag Professionals may occupy more than one of the above categories and address may receive multiple copies

2022 - 2023 | Progressive Crop Consultant Print Rates

Size1x3x6xDimensions WxH (Inches)
1/8 Page--$3003.5” x 2.5”
1/4 Page$800$700$6503.5” x 5” / 7.25” x 2.5”
1/3 Page$1000$900$8002.25” x 10” / 4.75” x 5”
1/2 Page$2000$1500$10007.25” x 5” / 4.75” x 7.5”
2/3 Page$3000$2500$20004.75” x 10” / 7.25” x 6.67”
Full Page$4000$3500$30008.5” x 11” (.25” Bleed)
Double Page Spread$6000$5500$500017” x 11” (.25” Bleed)
Back Cover$4500--8.5” x 11” (.25” Bleed)
Insert$6000$5000$4000Call For Details

All advertisements due the 10th of the prior month
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List Rental
Put your company into the hands of over 9,000 agriculturally focused individuals by sending out your next advertisement with our targeted mailing list. Let us use our extensive list of agriculture professionals to expand the advertising reach of your company.* Simply provide us with your advertisement and let us handle the rest. If you don’t already have an advertisement, let our talented design team create one specifically for you.

Advertising rates start at $300 per thousand addresses
* Must be a frequent advertiser with JCS Marketing (1/2 page 6x or more) to qualify. All list rentals must be paid in advance. All postage fees are to be paid by the advertiser. All mailing will be run through publisher’s mailing house.

2022 - 2023 | Progressive Crop Consultant Website Rates

Size1x6x12xDimensions WxH (Pixels)
Leaderboard$400$350$300728px by 90px
Sideboard$200$150$100300px by 250px
Skyscraper$1150$1050$970300px by 600px
Billboard$1000$800$700970px by 250px
Full Page Takeover$1000--1920px by 1080px

2022 - 2023 | The Consultant eNewsletter Rates

Size3x6x12xDimensions WxH (Pixels)
Medium Rectangle$1100$950$850300px by 250px
Leaderboard$1500$1200$1000600px by 300px
Footer$1250$1100$950600px by 300px
Native Content$1000---

2022 - 2023 | Email Sponsorships

Want to provide a valuable service to your target market while promoting your company as an industry leader? With our partner emails, you can sponsor an article by our talented editorial staff about a topic relevant to your business or market. With every email, you have the option to include your logo, company info, an advertisement, and relevant content links. We will use our extensive email list, spanning growers and professionals of every kind, to deliver your exclusive sponsored content straight to the most qualified market, under the West Coast Nut, Progressive Crop Consultant, or Organic Farmer names people know and trust. Rates start at $2,500 per campaign.

$2500 / Campaign