Handling Objections

Handling objections in selling print advertising requires understanding common concerns that potential clients may have and responding effectively to address those objections. Here are 20 common objections in selling print advertising and suggested responses:

  • Print is outdated
    “While digital advertising has its place, print offers a unique opportunity to engage with audiences in a tangible and memorable way. Research shows that print ads can have a lasting impact and complement digital efforts effectively.”
  • Print is expensive
    “While the initial cost of print advertising may seem higher, it offers a targeted reach and high engagement that can deliver a strong return on investment. Let’s discuss how we can tailor a solution to fit your budget and objectives.”
  • Digital advertising is more measurable
    “While digital advertising provides instant metrics, print offers a different set of measurable outcomes, such as brand recall, reader engagement, and response rates. We can track these metrics effectively to demonstrate the effectiveness of print advertising.”
  • Print circulation is declining
    “While some publications may experience declines, niche and specialty publications often maintain loyal readerships. We can identify publications with engaged audiences that align with your target demographic to ensure effective reach.”
  • We’ve had poor results with print advertising before
    “Understanding your past experiences is crucial. Let’s analyze what worked and what didn’t, and refine our approach accordingly. With targeted messaging and strategic placement, we can improve the effectiveness of your print campaigns.”
  • We’re focusing solely on digital advertising
    “While digital advertising is important, integrating print can enhance your overall marketing strategy. Print offers a unique opportunity to cut through digital clutter and engage with audiences in a tangible way that complements your digital efforts.”
  • We’re concerned about ROI
    “We understand the importance of ROI. Print advertising can deliver a strong return on investment by reaching highly targeted audiences and driving brand awareness, customer engagement, and conversions. Let’s discuss how we can measure and track ROI effectively.”
  • Our audience is predominantly online
    “While digital channels are important, print advertising can reach audiences that may be overlooked online. Print publications often have loyal readerships and offer a trusted platform to engage with your target demographic.”
  • We’re not sure if print is the right fit for our brand
    “Print advertising can be a powerful tool for brand building, especially for brands looking to establish credibility and authority in their industry. Let’s explore how print advertising can complement your brand’s identity and marketing objectives.”
  • We’re concerned about the lead time for print ads
    “While print ads may require longer lead times, they offer the advantage of longevity and permanence. Let’s plan ahead to ensure timely delivery and optimize the impact of your print campaigns.”
  • We’re unsure about the creative options available in print
    “Print advertising offers a range of creative options, from full-page ads to inserts and advertorials. Our team can work closely with you to develop compelling creatives that resonate with your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.”
  • We’re focusing on social media advertising
    “Social media advertising is valuable, but print offers a different level of engagement and credibility. Combining print with social media can amplify your brand’s message and reach different segments of your audience effectively.”
  • We’re concerned about print’s reach compared to digital
    “While digital advertising has broad reach, print offers targeted exposure to specific demographics and geographic areas. We can identify print publications that align with your target audience to maximize reach and impact.”
  • We’re not convinced print advertising can drive online traffic
    “Print advertising can drive online traffic through integrated campaigns and strategic messaging. By including QR codes, custom URLs, or unique promo codes in your print ads, we can track and measure online engagement effectively.”
  • We’re worried about print’s environmental impact
    “We understand your concerns about sustainability. Many print publications use eco-friendly materials and practices, and we can recommend environmentally conscious options for your print advertising campaigns.”
  • We’re exploring other advertising options
    “Exploring different advertising options is wise. Print advertising offers unique benefits that can enhance your overall marketing strategy. Let’s discuss how print can complement your existing efforts and achieve your specific objectives.”
  • We’re not sure if print advertising will reach our target demographic
    “Print publications often have well-defined readerships that align with specific demographics and interests. We can analyze audience demographics and circulation data to ensure your print ads reach your target audience effectively.”
  • We’re concerned about print’s ability to provide real-time updates
    “While print may not offer real-time updates like digital platforms, it provides a trusted and credible source of information. We can incorporate timely messaging and relevant content into your print ads to ensure they remain current and impactful.”
  • We’re looking for more flexibility than print can offer
    “Print advertising offers flexibility in terms of ad size, placement, and frequency. We can tailor a print advertising package that meets your specific needs and provides the flexibility you’re looking for.”
  • We’re uncertain about the future of print
    “While the media landscape is evolving, print continues to play a valuable role in the marketing mix. Print publications adapt to changing consumer preferences and technology, ensuring their relevance and effectiveness in reaching target audiences.”